Remnants of Christ Ministries / Uganda


Remnants of Christ Ministries Uganda is an Evangelical non-denominational Children’s Ministry reaching-out to children in the slums and barracks in Uganda. We are Christ-centered, Bible-based and Child-focused. We strive to stay Royal to Christ and Bible-based while pointing Ugandan children to Christ. We do Child Evangelism and Discipleship. We use Bible clubs, camps, retreats, sports, and special programs as avenues for reaching children. We plan to start a child sponsorship program for the very needy children.


Our Vision is to be an Assembly of Royal, Faithful Believers devoted to the Lord Jesus, meeting the Spiritual, educational and welfare needs of children. Our Ministry is still young but with a great vision. Currently, we are demonstrating God’s Love through the distribution of food to those in need of food.


We are not currently supported by any group or individual, so donations are key to sustaining our Ministry. While doing Evangelism and Discipleship, we realized that there are so many children who are in real need of support. This prompted our Ministry to start a program that would be helpful for them. We shall launch as soon as we get funding. We shall have the children attached to a hospital for treatment in case of illness. We plan to have a hospital in Southwestern Uganda as it’s a very hilly, overpopulated area. The hospital will be of great help to these people.


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