Radiant Pearls Ministries


The heart of Radiant Pearls Ministries is to empower, strengthen, and encourage women to rise-up and walk in their True Identity with Full Authority, as well as to live-out their Purpose and Calling.  Radiant Pearls Ministries does this by teaching, Praying with & for, and encouraging women.  The Ministry also interviews women who Faithfully-walk-out their Purpose and Calling.  These women share the experiences they have had with God in their Journeys and what it looks like to see the Truth lived-out.  Radiant Pearls Ministries provides this platform for women who have taken ground and walk in the authority given to them, so they can impart that authority onto other women.

Radiant Pearls Ministries has been amazed to see what God has been doing in such a short time and we understand that it’s absolutely because we all said “YES” to anything and everything that He’s wanted to do with and through us.  We are believing that this is only the beginning of our Journey and our bags are packed!

The Ministry believes that He is Calling our Co-Founders to travel, speak, write books, mentor, and host regular programs on television and related.  These things have been spoken-over the Co-Founders on a few different occasions. Radiant Pearls Ministries Believes that God is bringing His people together to work as the Church and we love that we have had so many people reach-out to us for partnerships, because together we can accomplish more!


  • Vision: Establish Transforming Hope
  • Mission: Train-Mentor-Heal-Transform
  • Purpose: Radiant Pearls Ministries will ensure that women will reach their ultimate potential through Biblical training and mentorship.
  • Strategy: Radiant Pearls Ministries establishes bridges of hope that transform women to fulfill their God-given identity, purpose, and calling. Through Biblical leadership training and mentoring, the Radiant Pearls Team empowers women through a process of healing and growth to reach their ultimate potential.


People say that if we can touch one life, then it was worth it. Radiant Pearls Ministries says that we want to touch every life in every country! We bring love, healing, and compassion to the hurting. Our Ministry reaches those who don’t yet know our Lord and Savior all the way through to those that passionately pursue Him. We all have places where we need growth and courage. Whom shall I send? Send me!!!


Radiant Pearls Ministries launched on June 21, 2020, with a commercial on FOX 5 in San Diego, California.  In August of 2020, Radiant Pearls Ministries signed-on with Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network and Christian Women’s Word Network (who have other partnerships; including one with iHeart Radio).  In September of 2020, Radiant Pearls Ministries signed-on with the Faith Unveiled Network (which also includes a women’s network).  These networks can be accessed through Roku, Amazon Fire, YouTube, Apple TV, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Cross.TV and they each reach about 179 countries.  Radiant Pearls Ministries is so excited to see the Kingdom Work that God is doing through social media and the least likely; such as all of us at the Ministry.


Jeanette Bradley and Justina Sanchez / Co-Founders, Radiant Pearls Ministries / radiantpearlsministries@gmail.com / http://www.radiantpearlsministries.com


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