Musical Call to Pray

My name is Dr. John Thomas, DC. In the music world I’m known as Dr. Jobasto. “Dr. Jobasto” represents my inner child at heart. My childhood was not always the greatest. I don’t remember much up to 7 or 8 years-old that was fun or positive as a kid’s life should be.  In fact, I only remember the bad and ugly of those years.  It was during these very critical formative years that my Mother, Siblings and I were tormented by extremely physical and mental domestic violence. We all survived, but at a serious price. For me it was a long arduous journey of discovering who I really was. I dealt with many years of shame, self-doubt, self-loathing, very low self-esteem, psychological trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  My Mother was strong enough to escape after my younger Brother almost lost his life from the abuse. At the age of 3 he was rushed to the hospital with 4th and 5th degree burns all over his body. He almost died at the hands of abuse! That was when me and my Sister were immediately flown to New York City to live with my Mother’s Parents.  My Brother survived and was flown to New York, too, after three months of recovery from the life-changing burns.  We missed our Mother, but we were all finally safe, healing, and surrounded by the immense Prayers and love of my Mother’s Family. The three of us were finally re-united and lived in NYC together until I was around 7 years-old.  That was when we all were flown back to LA to live with my Mother and our “new dad” who we call “Poppy” to this day.

I am in tears as I share this, because of the triumphant Power of God and the slow and painful type of resilience the human Spirit must have to live through and after traumatic experiences. But not everyone is that fortunate to be saved from the ravages of abuse.  My Grandparents, Uncles, Aunt, and Cousins Prayed-heavily for us and showed us unconditional love and support as we began our journey of physical and emotional healing.  Their continued support was needed for many things; including as my Brother underwent numerous plastic surgeries on his face and head well into his late twenties…

Creating, singing, and listening to music helps me to cope with the terrible memories in my head and the pain of others who have suffered the terrible misfortunes of abuse of all types…music soothes and heals my soul! It is one of the only outlets I truly love to my core.

I have suffered from the pain of my abusive past for many years.  In my teens and early adulthood, I was terrified to create friendships or be in relationships, because I feared the consequence of disagreement or not being received for who I was. I didn’t want to be anything like my biological Father either.  Please don’t judge him, because, like all of us, we all have our Crosses to bear.  Prayer and a deep consciousness of my behavior and the control of my emotions was of paramount importance.  It was many years of Prayer, counseling, unconditional love and support, and the therapeutic Power of music that changed my life!  I took me until I was in my late 30’s before I was able to pick up the phone to tell him that I forgave him. I strive to help and uplift others (including my own Siblings) every chance that I get.  God has truly had His Hand on me.  I am truly Blessed, very talented, and highly-educated – all because of Him. I have now been a practicing sports chiropractor for over 25 years!  This is because a community of Family and Friends (and even strangers) came together to uplift me with words of encouragement and music.

I opened my first recording studio in 1991. That was when the word “JOBASTO” was born. Two other people were a part of the collective.  Their names were Sebastion and Tony.  We formed Jobasto by using the first two letters in my first name John, “Jo”, the “bas” in Sebastian and the “to” in Tony. They dropped out after the 2nd year in business and I kept it going ever since with help from a dear friend (who was my very first official recording artist and Jobasto Music Camper)!  I have started, owned, operated, and financed four other recording studios in my life which were always home to Jobasto Music Campers.  Jobasto Music Camp has always strived to help disadvantaged or abused kids who live in underserved, socially/economically-depressed communities learn the business and art of the music world. I am living proof that music moves people. It changes lives. It brings people together!

So, I am over-the-top passionate about uplifting others with the Power of music. For the last 35 years I have been a multi-genre producer, an independent recording artist, and a voice-over talent. My passion is teaching others how to follow their dreams in music and the arts, protect themselves from the snakes in the business, collect their royalties, start their own labels, publishing companies, and/or recording studios, or even how to produce music. I’m still rocking the music thing in my fifties, because I absolutely love it. I even inspired my Son’s who are also music producers and independent recording artists.  They, too, were Jobasto Music Campers!

I hope that you enjoy my new song and music video, “Pray” (see link below).  Coming from a Kid that didn’t deserve the worldly-abuse that I received, don’t give-up on God or each other, because God never gives-up on us.  If I can make it, so can you.  We are all Children of God and His Love is all that we ever truly-need.  God bless!!!

Pray [click on Pray (to the left) to play video]

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