Amazing Grace

I relate very deeply to the Transfiguration of Jesus from the Gospels in a very powerful and personal way.  I am a Believer from the Philippines who was Transfigured by God on an Easter Sunday following Lent and I like to share my experience as a Testimony to the Ways our communication with God happens.

I was raised by a devout Catholic Mother and schooled under the Christian Brothers of De La Salle.  Throughout my adolescence, I served Mass whenever I could.  I consider my childhood to be the period of my “blind Faith”.  Entering adulthood (and up to when we had a Son of school age and the political situation in the Philippines left much to be desired economically), I worked overseas in the Middle East.  When we had a Daughter, I was then working in the South Pacific in Papua New Guinea; and in those trying times, I continued to Pray and Believe “blindly”, because my Prayers had been answered in some form or another; although, I also Believed that if I didn’t get what I Prayed for, God had other plans.  Again, this was my “blind Faith”.

I eventually moved back to the Philippines.  It is a tradition in the Philippines to celebrate “The Risen Christ” by hearing a Mass Service offered at 4:00 A.M. in the morning; just before the sun rises normally on an outdoor stage outside of the Church.  On the morning of Easter Sunday in 2008, after the Celebration, instead of going back home with my Family, I stayed behind and went inside the Church.  I then knelt in a pew close to the “bare Cross” that only had a swath of white cloth on it (which is symbolic of “The Risen Christ”).  I was alone in the Church as everyone who had heard the Mass Service outdoors that morning had already left.  What happened next is very hard to Believe.

I witnessed a very bright illumination of the Cross and its surroundings like I’ve never seen before.  To top it off, the cacophony of bird noise at that moment seemed suddenly to be in concert and harmonious with what I was experiencing inside the Church.  It was then that I realized that this was the Confirmation of God’s Love that I had always sought after since my childhood.  Unbelievable…scary, initially…but, when it sunk in that I had connected and witnessed Something just short of Miraculous, my Belief in the Faith was no longer “blind” and has never wavered since.

If you are reading this and still have doubts that Jesus is alive in our hearts, Believe.  I am certain that what I had witnessed on that Easter Sunday morning is a Calling to help other people Believe beyond their “blind Faith”, too (which is the example of the twelve Apostles).  I forgot to mention that, back in 2007 (while I was working in Papua New Guinea), we had applied for migration to Canada.  Even though I had Prayed very, very hard (while visiting the Adoration Chapel as often as I could), it wasn’t until that now infamous Easter Sunday morning in 2008 that I had a “communique” directly from Jesus saying that everything was going to be alright.

From then on, and up to this day, I share my story with whoever may listen.  I like to share with others the unique relationship that we can have with the Good Lord, Jesus Christ, simply on the basis of Belief and Faith.  I Believe that paths that are destined to join together in this journey through life, will do so.  And that it’s no coincidence that you are reading this right now.  So, please share my story as you see fit and let us all let Jesus Live in our hearts forever.  God bless!

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