Great Friday

Luke 22:14—23:56

The Passion of Jesus Christ


In the U.S., we have an annual Black Friday event that occurs every Friday after the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday.  It’s an event where many consumer retailers offer consumers major discounts to drive-up annual sales figures; often taking the retailer from the “red” into the “black”.  In the accounting world, being in the “red” means that you are reporting negative numbers in a ledger – or, in other words, you have not profitable just yet (and haven’t made more than you’ve spent).  Being in the “black means that you are now making profits for the year.  Thus, many retailers focus each year on getting into the “black” as quickly as possible; but, it often takes them most (if not all) of the year to see “black” sales figures and related profits.  Good Friday is when Jesus was condemned by this world to suffer a scourging and crucifixion; ultimately leading to His death.  Prior to Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection represents when we, dead in our sins, were in the “red”.  It’s no coincidence that Jesus would have to go through the “red” (shedding His Precious Blood) in order to for us to get into the “Black”.  Upon Jesus’ death on the cross, there was a global earthquake recorded in Jerusalem, England, Greece, Rome, and the Far East.  Astronomers have also confirmed that the earthquake was accompanied by a blood red moon (a lunar eclipse).  If you were to look from the moon back at the earth (as we can now with modern technology), you would see that at the time of Jesus’ death and the earthquake/blood red moon, the earth’s shadow created a “black” hole in the heart of the Lamb constellation, Aries.  Jesus would go from in the “red” to the “black” in a span of a few hours…  But, by His death and Resurrection, we were set free for Eternity!  Jesus took the full weight of our sins upon Himself on the cross through His Passion at Calvary to free us from death – to put us in the “Black”.  His Resurrection from the tomb within three (3) days changed everything.  So, why not get in the “Black” today?  Why not live in the “Black” right now?  Knowing the Truth of who Jesus is through our own investigation and relationship with Him is the key.  We all are offered the Choice to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  When we make a pretty big investment in this world (e.g. house, car, 401k, stocks, marriage, etc.), we tend to a ton of research.  Our Research in this world of who Jesus is and who we are in Him will determine our “Forever”.  An investment in Him is the Most Important Investment we’ll ever consider.  We should seek the Truth for ourselves.  He guarantees that if we honestly do the work and seek Him, He will show Himself to us in thousands of ways.  And, that, my Friends, is what makes Good Friday, Great Friday for millions of us who’ve discovered Christ!

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